Here are some steps to create your first MVC Application


  1. First of all click on Visual Studio ( i am currently using VS 2017 )

  2. Click on Create new project...
  3. A windows will be displayed select installed  => Templates  => Visual C#   => Web   =>  ASP. Net Web Application   => Give Name to your project

  4. A new window will be opened of Templates. In templates select MVC and below MVC will be selected in Add folders and core references for :

  5.  in above picture you will also see Empty in Templates, you can select this option if you want to start project from scratch select Empty and Check Mvc In
    Add folders and core references for : . The main difference between these two is if you select MVC from templete it will give you a simple project which
    will include a website.

  6. If you choose Empty there will be no website or login functionality it will have noting just empty folders

  7.   I have selected MVC template. So when you click ok it will show

  8. and finally when everything will be ready it will show some folders in solution explorer


    I will explain later what is the purpose of each folder here.